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Justina Mattos


Stage (selective)


The Conversion of Ka'ahumanu (Lucy Thurston) staged reading at Lyman Museum, Hilo

Tsunami Years (poetry ensemble) Pacific Tsunami Museum 20th Anniversary Celebration & UHH Conference

It's A Wonderful Life & My Friend Irma: Two Staged Radio Plays  (Mary & Jane) EHCC, Hilo & KMC, Volcano

Folks You Meet in Longs  (Linda “the Car Wash Lady”)  University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo

Tomorrow: A Pidgin Comedy (Sue U. Manana)  B.A.C.E. Comedy Night, Hilo Woman's Center

The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later  (Leigh F., Zacke S., Susan S.)  GASP Theatre, Hilo

What’s Love Got to Do With It? (Jayleen) AlohaCare/Healthy Intentions, East-Hawai‘i tour

Getting Somewheres (Katherine Bukoski) Hawai'i Committee for the Humanities four-year state tour

Kāmau, Kumu Kahua Theatre, (Lisa) performed on tour to Kaua'i

The Life of the Land (Susan Kamiya) Kumu Kahua Theatre

Manoa Valley (Susan Kamiya) Kumu Kahua Theatre

Tangled Snarl (Ginny) University of Oregon Pocket Playhouse

Who Killed Frankie? (Virgin Spring) scripted & improvisational, Lord Leebrick Theatre Company, Oregon

The Injustice Done to DouErh... (Old Chang) University of Oregon

Almost A King (Margaret Rice)  University of Hawai'i at Hilo

Fledglings of the Night (Pele’s Spirit)  Hilo Community Players

The Tingalary Bird (The Tingalary Bird) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Lab Theatre

Twelf Nite O Wateva (Kohala)  Kumu Kahua Theatre, toured to Maui, Kaua'i, Hawai'i & O'ahu

Three Strong Women (Grandma Lou)  Center for Theatre Training, toured to schools in San Francisco

Twelfth Night (Maria)  Center for Theatre Training in San Francisco

The Skin of Our Teeth (Sabina)  Center for Theatre Training in San Francisco

Families (Ensemble Theatre - played mother, older sister, etc.)  Celebration Company, Urbana Illinois

Aesop's Falables (Amelia Eagle) Hilo Community Players, Hilo Hawai'i

Scrooge's Christmas (Ghost of Christmas Present) Hilo Community Players, Hilo Hawai'i

Dialects & Accents


Hawaiian language

Hawai'i Creole English (Pidgin)

Accents: Southern U.S.





swimming, snorkeling, yoga,

dance, working with animals,

working with children, zip-lining, horseback riding, parasailing,

mask-making, typing/computer work,

Driver’s License (standard & automatic)

Film / Video

The Medicine Runner                                             Wedding Guest                  Kona Snow Pictures

Honoka'a Hero: The Story of Katsu Goto               Plantation Luna's Wife       Katsu Goto Memorial Committee

Toward Living Pono                                                Self                                     Bacipix
Again We Play Your Games by Micki Alexon         Reporter                             MTV Music Video
The Act                                                                   Mary Lou                            UH Manoa Student Film
Sights of Hawai'i                                                     Young Woman w/ Macaw  United Air in-flight video


Coming Soon...

Mermaids' Lament

a feature length independent film

Lead Character: Nell, the therapist

(view IMDb listing here)


Hawai'i Theatre: the State of the Art                        Self (actress/scholar)            KITV, PBS
Magnum P.I.                                                             Bikini Girl (recurring)             Universal Studios
Beach Boys' 25th Anniversary Special                    Lei Presenter/Bikini Girl         ABC TV
My Mother's Secret Life                                           Daughter's Friend                  ABC TV




Glenn Cannon: On-Camera Technique

Roger Long: Scene Study, Monologues



Robert Barton: Scene Study, Mask Acting, Period Styles, Voice



Jackie Pualani Johnson: Scene Study, Improvisation


Peace Corps Training on the Big Island (Documentary)  Assorted Voices                                       Prod. Bill Sakovich & Jim Carr

Landscape Audio Tour                                                     Narrator 1                                                 'Imiloa Astronomy Center
Hālau Hula Around the World  (on S.O.S.)                      Narrator                                                    'Imiloa Astronomy Center
Assisted Listening Exhibits Tour                                      Narrator 1                                                 'Imiloa Astronomy Center
CTT Radio Theatre                                                          Mother, Older Sister etc. (recurring)        Center for Theatre Training, S.F.



Hawai'i Electric Light Company (radio - recurring)
West Hawai'i Dental (radio)
'Imiloa Astronomy Center (radio & TV)
Blockbuster Video (TV)
Honolulu Federal Savings (TV)


2010 - present

2010 - present

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